Introduction to Decondition


Some of you may know me from my other blogs Kyna’s Way and Empathic Healing, so what you may find on this site may be quite different from some of my previous work. Although I intend to continue recording my own growth and experiences they will be only to serve as examples of the greater work I want to do here.

I have written a more in-depth post about why I created Decondition and what I want to write about on my About page, but I will cover the basics here for those who have decided to read this blog from the beginning onward, or for those who want to know if this blog is for them.



I used to describe myself as an “Empath, Psychic, and Lightworker” but I changed that tag line recently to “Light Bearer and Shadow Worker”. The last 18 months of my awakening has been an intense and continual process of coming in and out of the light, and in and out of the dark. In 2016 I wrote a post called: Dealing With the Darkness After Returning to the Light and this described one peak incidence of the Dark Night of the Soul process I’ve been going through.


I’ve seen how important it is to face the shadow within me to awaken to my full potential. Likewise, we as a society need to face our shadow world, shine light on it so it has no where to hide and it loses it’s foundation. This is the only way we can change our world beyond changing ourselves. So this is what this blog is all about.


New Direction

I’m tired of keeping quiet about this stuff because it’s unpopular. In my day-to-day I’m surrounded by the sleeping masses, and I hold my tongue because I know they are not ready. It is still my responsibility to do what I can to make this world a better place, as it is everyone else’s responsibility – whether they want to hear that or not. This is one way I know that I can do my bit towards that goal.

To quote my About page:

“This blog is a chronicle of learning to reprogram, rewire, unlearn, and undo all the underhanded thought patterns instilled in us from the environment and culture we find ourselves in.”



I want this blog to take a more research and essay approach so between that, and other commitments in my life, my posts will likely be irregular. So I don’t intend to post as often as I did on my other blogs. This is because I want a higher standard of quality and I’m drawing, not only on my own experiences, but also sources outside myself; by researching the work of other awake beings. I want to give you the best information I can so I would rather post less in order to do that. If you subscribe to this blog we will notify you when I’ve posted something new.

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole.


Light Bearer | Shadow Worker



2 thoughts on “Introduction to Decondition

  1. For your research:

    “Your Own Heart Speaking”

    I like this short video, as it shows me that it is not possible to “tame the mind” from within the mind.

    The LOVE and STILLness of the Heart … make more “sense” to me as empath, then any “lower-mind / ego / etc. etc.”

    … also “I” wonder … when “I” may disappear into … The LOVE and STILLness of the Heart


  2. Also just watched the first seconds of Marco Passio “Natural Law in 10 Minutes”

    and there is written:


    From Latin

    con: together sciere: to know

    Ohh there are many associations coming up with that

    like e.g. for e.g.
    together – left & right brain in balanced harmony … knowing

    Which is not just an “intellectual” or “rational” KNOWing … it seems more Wholistic

    and this brings me to share some wise words I received from a friend in the last 2 weeks:

    Thank you. I have learned many things about myself through all experiences ~ “good” or “bad.”

    One of the most useful…what we focus on expands. This means that we cannot “fix” a “problem” by focusing on it…or analyzing it…or figuring it out.

    I recently went through a process of unifying with the higher mind. The punch line was…in that state of awareness, I couldn’t think; I could know.

    I guess thinking uses the local brain, but knowing and awareness use the higher mind.

    So to “think” or “to know” are exclusive, either this or that.

    Peace Love & Harmony


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