Deconditioning Mind From Modern Day Dogma

What does that mean?

This blog is a chronicle of learning to reprogram, rewire, unlearn, and undo all the underhanded thought patterns instilled in us from the environment and culture we find ourselves in.

Let’s go into the wording a little so we can be sure we understand one another:

Google’s definition of the word “Deconditioning” (if it is anything to go by) describes it as:

gerund or present participle: deconditioning; noun: deconditioning
  1. 1.
    cause to lose fitness or muscle tone, especially through lack of exercise.
    “sedentary lifestyles that decondition their bodies”
  2. 2.
    reform or reverse (previously conditioned behaviour), especially in the treatment of phobia and other anxiety disorders in which the fear response to certain stimuli is brought under control.
    • informal
      persuade (someone) to abandon a habitual mode of thinking.

At first I planned to include only the second of the definitions, as it was the one that seemed most relevant, especially the last line on habitual thinking. On reflection I felt it was rather fitting to include the first one too. Deconditioing the mind to me is the process of allowing ingrained unskillful patterns to atrophy, to lose muscle tone, to lose its grip on the mind, so newer and more skillful thoughts can take hold.

Google’s definition of the word “Dogma” describes it as:

noun: dogma; plural noun: dogmas
  1. a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.
    “the dogmas of faith”
mid 16th century: via late Latin from Greek dogma ‘opinion’, from dokein ‘seem good, think’.


“The authority” as described above in our case of modern day conditioning is through government, (man’s) law, think tanks, corporations, media, societal peer pressure, prescribed culture and many more outlets. I find the origin of the word particularly interesting because of the phrase “seem good, think”. It implies the phrase: “Do your thoughts (or opinions) seem good to these external authorities?” I.e. the “Thought Police”.

So why do I want to write about all this?

It has come to my attention, whilst listening to a lot of Neil Kramer, Max Igan, and Mark Passio’s work in particular, that I am in a great position to talk about this subject. I have first hand experience of getting lost in the conditioning on a deep level, becoming more than a little bit despondent, and then learning the process of unraveling it. I’m not done by any stretch, but I have made great sides as of late.

I know that much of the reason behind creating my other blogs Empathic Healing and Kyna’s Way was to help people deal with the ups and downs of awakening. However I realised that what I am attempting to do underneath that is to provide people with new ways of looking at things, exposing the darkness for what it is, and giving examples of retraining the mind.

So I decided that this was a subject I should delve into, study, and learn from and in the process maybe help a few lost souls reclaim their mind. So this is what Decondition is all about. It is a collection of articles, essays, and perhaps even podcasts that will look into areas of my life where I discovered conditioning working against me and how I learned to uproot it.

I also will draw parallels when I see them between this incarnation and my life as Kyna – as far as I’m able to recover. (For those who don’t know I have some awareness of another lifetime where my name was Kyna, that was necessary to know in this lifetime, to help clear karmic pain and aid in my awakening.) In both these lifetimes I’ve experienced severe attempts to control my mind to make me a productive drone worker for the state. It takes great reserves of self worth and will power to over come such tactics. I rebelled hard against it, but even with my fierce independent spirit I succumbed to this distortion on more subtler levels.

In the past it had been my intention to write about my life as Kyna in a series of fictional novels in order to bring up a number of societal issues that had no other outlet of expression. When I first made the decision in 2016 to put the books aside and “come out” and admit that I had this knowledge of another lifetime, that it wasn’t fictional but a part of my soul’s journey, I had focused first just upon my own path. When 2017 hit I knew that my writing wanted to take a different direction and for the past 3 months or so I’ve been struggling to understand it’s new form. After watching Mark Passio’s full length seminar on Natural Law I was deeply moved and I realised that I had only been focusing on me and I had not been writing on the bigger picture. This was more important now. So this blog will also take a stark look at the patterns I see in society as a whole that also need to be deconditioned.

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole.


Light Bearer | Shadow Worker